Red Bay 16th Sept 2012

16th September 2012

This was our first trip of the year to Cushendall, on board Hamish Currie,s boat, Predator. 5 members and 3 guests took part.
Alan Buchanan
Roy McCoy
Glen Murphy
Frankie Montgomery
Paul Campbell
Mathew Montgomery (guest)
Alan Campbell (guest)
Sean Burns (guest)
The day started with Hamish launching Predator at the harbour from his purpose built trailer. We boarded and were soon off into Red Bay, where we would first target mackerel for bait. After 30 minutes or so, we had enough, and we changed rigs to try for the cod and haddock, which had been showing on this ground on previous days prior to our trip.

Some codling and a solitary haddock were caught during the next hour, but fishing was rather slow, in a rapidly strengthening tide, and Skipper Hamish suggested we head for the reef at Torr Head, to try for pollock.

Hamish anchored over the reef, and the fishing started to take off, with a succession of decent pollock falling to our rods. Guest angler Sean Burns was first off the mark with a pollock, which later pulled the scales to 5lb 2oz. This was his first ever pollock, which took a mackerel baited red tailed worm on a flying collar rig. Sean took 2 more fish, before Alan Buchanan, using a baited 1oz lead-head lure, caught his first pollock, a perfect twin of Sean,s fish. Skipper Hamish joined in the fishing, and showed the boys a local technique for pollock, using a drilled 2oz lead,with a 2ft hook-length and mackerel baited lure. He took a succession of good pollock, including the best fish of the day at 7lb 2oz. Frankie Montgomery joined in the action. After observing the successful methods, a quick change of tackle soon had him hooking fish after fish, including the competition best, and pool winner of 5lb 14oz.

Many good fish were hooked and lost, including a huge fish, hooked by Alan Buchanan, which stripped yards of line off his reel, only to bury itself in the kelp and rocks. He was unable to extract it from its lair, and the fish was lost.
A good days fishing was had by all, with plenty of pollock keeping us busy for most of the time. As the tide strength increased, the fishing slowed, but by then we had plenty of fish in the boxes, and all to soon the day was over.


Photos from Red Bay

1st  Frankie Montgomery                     5lb 14oz     15 points
2nd Alan Buchanan                             5lb 9oz       10 points
3rd  Frankie Montgomery                    5lb 2oz       2.5 points
      Alan Buchanan                             5lb 2oz       2.5 points


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