Red Bay 28th September 2014

This was the clubs only trip on Hamish Curries boat “Predator” out of Waterfoot, our first trip being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. 6 members took part.

Roy McCoy

John McCourt

Alan Buchanan

Glen Murphy

Bill Bannon

Dennis Stevens

The forecast for the day was very good, with sunny skies and light winds, although a strong tide would still make the fishing a bit of a challenge. Thin braid lines and heavier than normal weights would be required to hold bottom as the tide picked up.

First order of business was the gathering of bait, and this proved an easy task on the day. Hamish stopped a few hundred yards from the pier, suggesting we try small feather rigs for herring, which were showing as a massive shoal on the sounder. Sure enough our traces were coming up with full houses of these silver baitfish, with a smattering of good sized mackerel for good measure, and before long we had ample for our bait and home needs.

Hamish then steamed out to anchor on our chosen mark for the day, a sandbank where we would hopefully connect with Blonde rays, with a chance of a Cod or Turbot.

After an hour or so, Bill Bannon connected with a good fish, which gave a great account for itself in the strong tide. Hamish called it correctly as a good Blonde Ray, and after ten minutes or so the fish appeared behind the boat, to be skilfully lifted out of the water by Hamish. This was Bills first ever Blonde Ray, and pulled the scales to 12lb 8oz.

A short time after this it was Roy McCoy’s turn to get a run on his rod, and this fish was a much more substantial proposition. Roy really struggled with this really powerful fish, and a weak knot let him down, his line parting company with his leader. Skipper Hamish was none too impressed to say the least.

We didn’t have long to wait before both Frank Montgomery and Alan Buchanan were also struggling with a huge fish at the same time. Skate are occasionally hooked on this mark, and it was clearly a large specimen the guys were fighting. Once again, weak gear proved our undoing, as Alan’s line snapped at the rod-tip when trying to apply extra pressure on the fish. This left Frank to try and battle it out, but his gear soon parted company with the fish. Frank must have only been involved as a tangle with Alan’s as it emerged from the battle intact, along with a whiting on his single hook rig. Once again, Hamish was clearly unimpressed.

There was a bit of a lull now as only a few whiting and dogfish were brought up, but nearing the end of the trip, Glen Murphy had a take on his rod. After a great struggle, a big Ray was again being lifted aboard by the Skipper. This fish, Glens first ever Blonde Ray, was weighed at 16lb 11oz, and would be the heaviest fish landed on the day, winning him the day’s pool, and maintaining his lead in the clubs Master Angler competition.


1st place         Glen Murphy          16lb 11oz Blonde Ray       15 points

2nd place        Bill Bannon              12lb 8oz Blonde Ray         10 points

3rd place         Bill Bannon              1lb 4oz whiting                   5 points

Photos of Red Bay

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