Norway April 2011


This was the clubs 2nd visit to Furoy Fishing Camp, in northern Norway. We decided to try the fishing much earlier this year in an attempt to target the larger cod which usually come into the fjords in April.
On the trip this time were:
Paul Campbell
Roy McCoy
Alan Buchanan
Daniel McMahon
Stephen Montgomery
Al Marsden (guest)
Stephen Burns (guest)
Travelling to this region at this time of the year was always going to be a gamble. This is the end of the Arctic winter here, and according to our hostess Vicky, the road can still be impassable. As luck would have it we were fortunate enough, and although there was still plenty of lying snow on the mountains and fields, we reached the camp safely. Temperatures were just above freezing for our first days fishing, but we needed plenty of warm and waterproof clothing to fish comfortably.

Our party of 7 anglers was split into 2 x 18ft Viking boats, and our first days fishing was a hit and miss affair. We tried various spots around the fjord, but could not find the fish we were after. Our boat decided to give a mark known as the factory a try. This had been a success for us the previous year. We moved around this area searching for the fish, and eventually, using 400 gram Norwegian pirks, we took a few cod up to around 9lb in weight. The sea conditions then started to get too rough for safety, and we again realised we had pushed too far out from camp for comfort. We carefully made our way back to the more sheltered waters closer to camp, and called it a day. The other boat had a similar catch to us, with maybe some additional smallish coalfish and a wolf-fish.

The second day started off rather poorly, our boat searched various marks without a great deal of success, a 5lb coalfish being the only catch. Later, as the boat drifted towards the middle of the fjord, the depth sounder showed us to be heading into very deep water, it was approaching 330 ft deep, when a fish grabbed my 400 gram pirk. This was clearly something huge, as it initially stripped my 35lb line from my multiplier reel, and i knew this was the kind of fish we had hoped for. After a tense 10 minute struggle involving a few choice swear words, the fish surfaced. It was a huge male cod, easily the biggest i had ever seen. I did not relax until it was safely gaffed and on the boat. Back at camp the fish pulled the scales to an amazing 44lb 10oz. We called the lads on the other boat in just to get a look at this fish.

The rest of the week the fishing was again a bit patchy. We had some other successes with cod to 10lb, and some haddock, coalfish and wolf-fish, but we didnt see any more large cod the rest of the week. Some German anglers arrived on our last day, and, fishing with very small pirks, found a good catch of small haddock and codling in one of the nearby bays. They told us the sea was still too cold for the best fishing, but they expected it would be much better in the days and weeks too come.

As on our previous visit, the accomodation was very good, this time we had opted for the "Skipper House", which slept 7, and came with 2 boats provided. This was ideal for our group, and as the flights were cheaper at this time of the year, our total costs were only around £600 each for the weeks holiday. This was for accomodation flights and transfers. You can see more on the Furoy Fishing camp website shown below.


Photos of Norway


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