Club Records

These are the biggest fish of designated species, caught on official club outings, by a paid up club member.




  • Fish caught by members on non club outings do not count
  • Fish caught on club outings by non club members do not count
  • Only fish weighed on official club scales, measured by the boatman or committee member using comparision charts will count
  • Fish must be caught by fair angling methods
  • No fish of any species under 1lb weight to count


Fish Weight Date  Angler  Location
Angler Fish 6lb 2019
 Gareth Peoples
 Bass  Unclaimed      
 Blue Mouthed Rockfish  1lb 13oz  2016  Alan Buchanan  Kincaslagh
 Blue Shark  80lb  2018  Alan Buchanan  Courtmacsherry
 Brill  4lb  2009  Alan Buchanan  Red Bay
 Bull Huss  14lb  2008  Frankie Donnin  Red Bay
 Coalfish  30lb 2019 Marty Buchanan & Alan Buchanan  Norway
 Cod  58lb  2019 Mark Buchanan  Norway
 Common Skate  186lb  2013  Alan Campbell  Ballycastle
 Conger Eel  37lb  2007  Joe McGuigan  Killala
 Dab  2lb  2019  Gareth Peoples Norway
 Dogfish  3lb 7oz  2010  Alan Buchanan  Red Bay
 Flounder  Unclaimed      
 Gurnard (Grey)  1lb 1oz  2015  Bill Bannon  Portrush
 Gurnard (Red)  1lb 15oz  2011  Daniel Boyle  Downings
 Gurnard (Tub)  4lb 2oz  2008  Tom Hamill  Burtonport
 Haddock  5lb 12oz  1991  Eddie McPhillips  Portnablagh
 Halibut  71.6lb  2017  Alan Buchanan  Norway
 Herring  1lb 2oz  2012  Daniel Boyle  Red Bay
 John Dory  1lb 3oz  2011  Paul Campbell  Red Bay
 Ling  18b 5oz  2016  Daniel Boyle  Ballycastle
 Mackerel  1lb 8oz  2013  Jimmy Silcock  Newcastle
 Plaice  5lb 8oz  2019  John McCourt Norway
 Pollock  11lb 8oz  2016  Alan Buchanan  Ballycastle
 Porbeagle Shark  12lb  2016  Mark Buchanan  Ballycastle
 Pouting  2lb  2009  Gary Montieth  Downings
 Ray (Blonde)  21lb 6oz  2015  Alan Buchanan  Red Bay
 Ray (Thornback)  7lb 2oz  2011  Paul Campbell  Downings
 Ray (Spotted)  4lb 4oz  2013  Paul Campbell  Downings
 Ray (Cuckoo)  2lb 12oz  2013  Daniel Boyle  Downings
 Spurdog  19lb 2oz  2013  Bill Bannon  Portrush
 Sea Scorpion  1lb 8oz  2013  Roy McCoy  Newcastle
Starry Smoothound 6lb 4oz 2009  Stephen Holmes  Downings
 Tope  42lb 11oz  2014  Daniel Boyle  Portrush
 Torsk  11lb 12oz  2019  Stephen Montgomery  Norway
 Turbot  9lb  1990  Sean Davidson  Portrush
 Whiting  2lb 2oz  2009  Daniel Boyle  Norway
 Wolf-fish  19lb 2oz  2015  Roy McCoy  Norway
 Wrasse (Ballan)  4lb  2007  Joe McGuigan  Killala
 Wrasse (Cuckoo)  1lb 9oz  2019  Roy McCoy  Ballycastle

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